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The river can be navigated by canoe from Isola Dovarese, downstream of a double artificial jump, to the pontoon bridge of Torre d'Oglio, one of the by now rare barge bridges left in Italy. The current is minimal and the only difficulties are represented by the bridges (5 in all) and by the outcropping sand banks visible only for the ripple of the current.

River with a very slow current is suitable for relaxing excursions by canoe, kayak or raft. The best time is from March to October. In spring and autumn the waters are clearer and you can enjoy the numerous spontaneous vegetation and flowers that grow between the banks of the river and the numerous animals and birds that can be encountered along the descent. In summer the water level drops, numerous fine sandy beaches are formed where you can stop and sunbathe. In some places the river forms rapids and waterfalls that make the canoe descent thrilling.

Our B&B is equipped with two comfortable points for the canoes to go into the water and a workshop equipped for maintenance.

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